Homesteader's Christmas List

Homesteader's Christmas List

I’ve put together a little list of gift ideas for the homesteader or aspiring homesteader in your life. The following groups are just rough ideas, you might know an adult who would enjoy some of the children’s options, or a mature child who will enjoy something from the home section, so take the titles with a grain of salt.

For Everybody

Boots — footwear is important on the homestead. You need a pair of sturdy shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry all year long. I prefer these Sperry boots, but lots of folks recommend Muck boots. (I don’t like boots that come above my ankle.)

Knife — a good pocket knife is really essential, whether you use it to cut twine, open feed bags, pry splinters out, or even whittle. I carry a custom blade for the last ten years or so, but I always recommend Kershaw as an affordable choice for the average user.

Outerwear — most of us would appreciate a warm hat, gloves, socks, or coat for wintertime chores. We love homemade items as much as store bought!

For Young Children

Suet cake maker — this is can be used to make suet cakes for wild birds or to make flock blocks for the chickens, which is a fun activity for kids because it is a recipe they can mix up themselves (accuracy not being paramount when cooking for birds).

Arts and crafts kits — another avian inspiration, this birdhouse paint craft is great for the artsy child in your life. This windchime kit is great, too.

Child size garden tools — you could also include a seed catalogue from someone like Baker Creek and allow the child to choose a plant or two to grow on their own. You don’t necessarily need special sized tools for children, just getting them their own set of gloves and spade is enough.

For Older Children

Mushroom grow kit — this is an adventure for a child with an interest in alternative gardening

Soap making kit — making soap is basic chemistry, and older children will enjoy creating and using their own soaps from this kit. Please note that this kit does not include a stick blender, so you may want to hint to Santa that one is needed.

Cheese making kit — for the raw milk family, this fun kit will get kids into making their own mozzarella, ricotta, and feta cheeses, plus the included tools can be used to make more cheese in the future.

For The Home

Pressure Canner and Canning Jars — If you know someone that’s been making jams, pickles, and jellies lately, you might know someone who would be interested in pressure canning. The Presto 23 qt canner is a great starter canner — I love it so much that I own two of them, actually! Add in some mason jars and lids for a gift that will help them preserve the harvest for decades.

Books — Oh, so many books! A homesteader can never have too much information, so books on goats, chickens, animal housing, gardening, pigs, solar power, canning, cooking, and natural remedies are always appreciated.

Tools — post hole diggers, fence post drivers, fencing, chainsaws, shovels, axes, and cordless drills are all welcome on homesteads of any size. If you aren’t sure what tools your recipient may already have, consider a gift card instead.

Calendar — I love a good paper calendar. Keeping activities organized on the homestead can be fun with a whimsical calendar on your kitchen wall.

What are you giving your homestead friends this Christmas?